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Tier 1 Contenders: MidRange Hunter

Darius Matuschak

by Darius

MidRange Hunter has to be one of those decks that long has been forgotten and finally managed to make a vital comeback. Having hit its peak at the end of the GvG Meta, with various variants succesfully dominating the Meta, there was little hunting to do during the TGT and LoE days.

With sticky minions like Infested Wolf, some early game pressure that can be vital against Aggro decks in the form of Fiery Bat and a phenomenal late game spell with Call of the Wild, MidRange has all the tools necessary to contest the board at all times, create a sticky board and push for lethal when turns 7-9 come around.

Due to the fact that this deck has a lot of slightly favoured matchups, it makes every new match exciting: Yes, you usually are in the favoured position, but slight misplays may easily cost you the game. This genuinely is the deck I enjoy most at the moment, and I highly recommend you try it out sometime soon.