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What is Team Metaminds? 

Team Metaminds is a group of Hearthstone enthusiasts willing to go the extra mile to deliver you the best Hearthstone-related content possible. Whether it's guides, discussion-worthy articles or straight-up amazing plays performed on stream, we always aim for the best. 


That sounds cool and all, but why should I continue to visit this website in particular?
We simply deliver content that no other website or writer will deliver -- both in terms of originality and quality. We think outside the box and instead of the usual decklists and guides we provide you with more insight and research than pretty much all of the Hearthstone content creators out there. Also Reinhardt, our Top Rank Legend player, might coach you - on stream as well!


Getting coached by a Top Rank Legend player? Sounds awesome! Where can I sign?
Right here.


Can I become a contributor?

Yes! Team Metaminds is always looking for new eggheads to join the team. Just send an email to the following email address: 

Please attach any previous work you've done before that you deem relevant. A mockup-article that is Hearthstone-related will be appreciated as well.


Where does the name "Reinhardt" come from?

[Reinhardt]: From one of my favourite musicians, Django Reinhardt. I chose it as my Battletag back in the day, and kept it ever since.


Is your name actually Darius?
[Darius]: Yes.