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S26 Hidden Gems: Murloc Flood Paladin

Darius Matuschak

Due to Aggro Divine Shield Paladin being very popular on the ladder at the moment, players automatically seem to assume that they're facing this particular deck when in reality there's a fantastic Aggro Murloc Paladin deck hiding in the shadows!

Popularized by one of the best Hearthstone players in the game, TwoBiers, taking the game to from Legend Rank 3000 to 50 within a few hours, other streamers like Kripp quickly took liking to this hidden Gem. The deck works similarly to its Divine Shield counterpart, as it focuses on flooding the board with small minions, making them stick with buffs and going face.

The best tip I can give you for playing this deck is to, if you can, play the Steward of Darkshire before playing the Murloc Warleader. Playing them the other way around will cause all Murlocs, including the ones given to you by your Hero Power, to receive the Murloc Warleader buff, meaning they won't have 1 Health anymore and they won't receive the crucial Divine Shield.


Also, heavily consider when playing Murloc Warleader, as you dont want to see it removed by a Weapon charge. Try to set up a Taunt, preferably with divine shield, beforehand if possible.

In comparison to Divine Shield Aggro Paladin, its main differences are:

  • Better Flood potential
  • More consistent but also high risk buff potential, as Murloc Warleader is your main buff source and once it dies you might run into trouble
  • Bigger threats in the form of Sea Giants and Frostwolf Warlords
  • Much bigger potential to be wiped by board clears of any kind

However, in a Meta where Tempo Warriors and Wild Pyromancers are pretty damn dominant, it shows ist weaknesses: Whereas Divine Shield Aggro Paladin still has a chance to pull through an unfavourable matchup or two, the unfavourable matchups for Flood Murloc Paladin are pretty much unwinnable. Apart from this, I rate the deck higher than the similar Divine Shield Aggro Paladin, and depending on how the Meta shapes itself, it can definitely be a deck worth looking at to climb the ladder.


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