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S26 Tier 1 Contenders: Zoolock

Darius Matuschak

by Darius

Sometimes you’re wrong. It happens. Like when many professional players and analysts completely underestimated Dr. Booms impact on the Meta game, I was wrong when it came to my WoToG Zoolock predictions: As an avid Zoolock player before the expansion dropped, I was devastated when I found out that essential cards like Implosion, Voidcaller and Mal’Ganis (One of my favourite cards in existence) would be dropped from Standard play. I was so devastated, I considered the deck to be dead.

Dead I was. Dead wrong that is. Zoolock just barely missed out on making it into the Uberdecks list. Due to its very unfavourable matchup with Tempo Warrior, and its struggles against MidRange Hunter and Shaman, it only made the number one spot of the Tier 1 Contenders.

With great consistency, easily played gigantic minions in the form of Sea Giants and Darkshire Councilmen that put buff reliant-minions like Mana Wyrms and Tunnel Troggs to shame, Zoolock is currently the best Warlock option out there. Oh, and Forbidden Ritual + Knife Juggler probably is just as bad as Knife Juggler + Implosion, if not worse. It’s a nightmare to deal with, unless you’re playing with a Pyromancer or as an already mentioned Warrior.

All in all, Zoolock is just as strong as it was before the new expansion dropped: Despite losing a few very important cards, and Knife Juggler getting nerfed, it’s just as much a nuisance to clear those Imp Gang Bosses and Possessed Villagers.


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