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S26 Tier 1 Contenders: Miracle Rogue

Darius Matuschak

by Aidan

Returning from it’s grave, Miracle Rogue once again shows its prowess in ladder and tournaments alike, with its ability to abuse Auctioneer and burst down an opponent quickly and efficiently. The list I’ve provided was run by my favorite European player, Stancifka, at the European Preliminaries.

Miracle Rogue is one of the most interesting Combo decks to look at and even write about due to it’s nuance in players’ card choices, exemplified by my good friend Spivey’s table on competitive Miracle Rogue decklists. Running only one Conceal in favor of another spell can completely change the dynamic of your Miracle Rogue list, eliminating an alternate win condition of concealing a bloated Edwin, for example.

Opting out of Xaril can possibly streamline your list a tad more, or can block you out of useful utility from two toxins. Albeit Xaril’s toxins being an uncontrollable RNG factor, all of the toxins have a use in Miracle Rogue either by furthering cycle chains, providing small removal with a Firebloom Toxin, or furthering your reach with a Bloodthistle and/or a Briarthorn Toxin in conjunction with your Leeroy Jenkins. Combo decks have the most sensitive lists, with a simple swap or cut can drastically change how your deck plays.

Metagame-wise, Miracle Rogue tends to suffer due to the double-edged sword that is cycle mechanics. Cycle begets cycle, and you can either draw and draw until the game is well over, or have abrupt cycle chains only to draw duds. This can make Miracle Rogue an unsavoury ladder deck, due to its natural inconsistency with its heavy reliance on the Auctioneer draw engine. Although the hit-or-miss tendency of cycle in Miracle Rogue, Miracle Rogue’s weak matchups are fairly scarce on ladder, being Control Warrior and N’zoth Paladin.

Although going even with most other decks, Midrange Hunter and Tempo Warrior can be your bane, with both decks being able to apply heavy pressure and forcing a Sap on Turn 6 (Savannah Highmane and Cairne/Sylvanas respectively). Midrange Hunters can leave you on a clock, and Tempo Warriors can simply stack armor and Brawl out your board, which is not to say these matchups are unwinnable or even unfavored, but tricky to learn, deal with, and master.

Miracle Rogue has seen some interesting variants, with Malygos Rogue and N’zoth Miracle Rogue seeing success providing alternate win conditions to a Leeroy burst.


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