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S26 Hidden Gems: Malygos Reno Freeze Mage

Darius Matuschak

by Aidan

An interesting take on the infamous combo deck known as Freeze Mage, MalyReno Freeze (we really need to start giving these decks catchier names) adds a second 9-mana dragon by the name of Malygos to enable an OTK win condition in the form of Malygos -> Frostbolt x2 -> Ice Lance x2 (Thaurissan required), while also having an alternate win condition in the form of Reno Jackson. It is important to note that although this Freeze Mage variant is designed for tournament play, not only due to its high skillcap, but having a Reno win condition against standard Freeze Mage and the Malygos win condition in the mirror and providing the OTK necessary to take down N’zoth Paladin or Tempo Warrior.

With the rotation of Antique Healbot and Mad Scientist, pulling a needed Ice Block or drawing into an extra 8 points of health isn’t an option for Freeze Mage anymore. Opening more room for tech, Reno variants of Malygos Freeze are able to run cards like Cone of Cold, Harrison Jones, Coldlight Oracle, and opt in for a Pyroblast even.

My friend Fibonacci was one of the few players to bring RenoMalyFreeze to the North American Spring Preliminaries a few weeks ago, sporting this list. Opting to run Harrison and Coldlight Oracle, Fibonacci targeted his weaker matchups he expected to see, namely Warrior, Aggro Shaman and Renolock. Another player, vcT, ran a more straight-forward list focusing more on an overall approach to matchups, swapping a Blizzard for a Pyroblast.

With solid foundations for tournament success, can Malygos and Reno Jackson successfully team up to take on the Hearthstone ladder? In theory, yes. If played well, your favourable matchups are N’zoth Paladin, Aggro Shaman, Miracle Rogue, Renolock and Beast Druid. While still suffering against Midrange decks and Warrior, they’re not 100% un-winnable. While Tempo Warrior, Midrange Hunter and Midrange Shaman are all oppressive forces on the ladder, forcing these opponents to exhaust their board refills (Varian Wrynn, Thunderbluff Valiant and Call of the Wild respectively) only to have them cleared away helps greatly. In conclusion, Freeze Mage isn’t in the greatest spot right now, but a couple of tweaks and some practice could turn it into a Contender yet again.


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