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S26 Hidden Gems: C'Thun Rogue

Darius Matuschak

by Aidan

Taking the Legend ladder by storm, streamer Ryzen played this homebrew to Rank 10 Legend. What makes this homebrew so notable? Before the release of Whispers of the Old Gods, there were two theorycrafts to keep in mind, one being control-style C’thun decks would dominate and the other being the strength of N’zoth Tempo Rogue. Ryzen and any other brewers found a best-of-both worlds situation, mixing Rogue’s strong tempo class cards and C’thun tribal synergy to rock the block with a corrupt cult, coins and of course, C’thun!

The deck plays similar to any Tempo deck, and knowing your tempo swings is key. Blade of C’thun and Sap are your biggest swing cards versus Midrange and Control, while your Disciples of C’thun and SI:7 Agents clean up boards while establishing your own versus Aggro.

The one weakness of this deck is it’s lack of healing, making it weak against Combo and Aggro decks alike. This weakness is only evident for less-experienced players, as playing around your board swings and thinking many turns in advance to properly set-up your own lethal or prevent your opponent’s is the key to properly execute this deck versus volatile Aggro decks and bursty Combo decks. This may seen as a core fundamental of Tempo decks (on par with playing to your opponent’s clears when versus Control) but is a tricky skill to master. You’ll see good results against Midrange and Control decks, especially Druids and Warriors and you may struggle against Shamans.

An unexpected point of interest, C’thun Rogue further makes us question which Old Gods serve as a supporting role or a core tenet of a list, and which of these categories have seen the most success.


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