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S26 Hidden Gems: Pirate Warrior


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S26 Hidden Gems: Pirate Warrior

Darius Matuschak

by Aidan

Yarr! Warrior’s resident Aggro deck, Pirate Warrior uses Warrior’s powerful weapons along with Pirate synergy to aggressively establish a board and burst the opponent down. With the addition of N’zoth’s First Mate along with the success of Sir Finley Mrrgglton, Pirate Warrior is a very real, and a very scary deck to face (pun intended). With Heroic Strike and Upgrade already turning your Fiery War Axe into a death clock, the aggressive use of Pirates only backs up your burst potential. A simple N’zoth’s First Mate -> Bloodsail Raider -> Bloodsail Cultist curve is already scary in tempo terms, the Coin opens a whole other avenue of aggression with Turn 1 Fiery War Axes, coining out a Upgrade!, or a Turn 2 Bloodsail Cultist, just to name a few.

Pirate Warrior has an interesting dynamic in regards to matchups, being able to allocate weapon charges to build tempo and keep initiative versus other Aggro decks, but can get completely blown out of the water when you have an awkward curve, or have no follow-up damage via board or Mrrgglton hero power to back up your cheap burst. Pirate Warrior, albeit strong, is hard to gauge in terms of meta strength due to being one of the most inconsistent Aggro decks a Hearthstone meta has seen (note: hard to compare Pirate Warrior to staple Aggro decks such as Murloc Warlock, Face Hunter, Aggrodin and Aggro Shaman, to be fair).

This isn’t to say Pirate Warrior is an inherently bad deck, but with not always having quality draws due to unmet Pirate conditions, having no solid draw other than rolling Life Tap from Sir Finley and having a fragile board with no refill mechanics, Pirate Warrior does  have inherent flaws that are hard to make-up. Is Pirate Warrior capable of seeing more play and becoming a Contender in the meta? Of course. The only issue with this idea is that Aggro Shaman outclasses Pirate Warrior in most cases on ladder. In a tournament setting, Pirate Warrior can dish out some serious damage to your opponent’s lineup, being able to farm Rogues, Druids and Mages alike, while being just fast enough to possibly outpace Aggro Shaman or be just a turn ahead of a ready-to-heal Reno Jackson. To summarize, will you dominate the ladder with this deck? Maybe. Will you see success in tournament play with Pirate Warrior? If you build your list and lineup right, then I bet you’ll be singing sea shanties as you plunder your opponents wins, and maybe some tournament booty along with it!

My friend Jalexander quickly clinched a Top 15 finish in S25 with this list, which I’ve played as well with relative success. Nostam’s Pirate Warrior list went undefeated during his run in the North American Spring Preliminaries.


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