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S26 Tier 1 Contenders: Patron Warrior


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S26 Tier 1 Contenders: Patron Warrior

Darius Matuschak

by Darius

I hate Patron Warrior. I really do. I couldn’t stand it when it was the undisputed Tier 1 deck, and I still cant: The fact that I have to listen to “EVERYONE! GET IN HERE” about twenty times each time I queue into this deck is driving me mad.

I was hoping, with Death’s Bite being gone and all, that this deck would be dead for good. No Warsong Commander. No Death’s Bite. No Unstable Ghould to hide the emerging masses of Patrons behind. Surely this would be the nail in the coffin.

But no, Blizzard had to release Blood to Ichor and Ravaging Ghoul. They had to take Unstable Ghoul and improve it, by giving it a stronger body and the player the ability to trigger his 4th Whirlwind whenever /he/ wants to. Blood to Ichor, a 1 Mana Spell that summons a 2/2 /and/ enables more Patrons or at least the removal of any creature for /two/ Mana when played together with Execute.

Patron players don't even need to care for the loss of Sludge Belcher, as they now have Bloodhoof the Brave to viciously protect their Frothings and Patrons. Available tech choices come in form of Tentacles of N'Zoth and Malkorok. As of now, Tempo Warrior is the prevailing Warrior archetype, however with a shifting Metas I'm sadly certain we won't have seen the last of Patron Warrior.


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