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The Mad Scientist #2: MechHunter


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The Mad Scientist #2: MechHunter

Darius Matuschak

Think about how many cards and deck types there are, that only recently have been discovered to be great or even broken. Aggrodin for example is a deck that has been in the minds of many people since several seasons, but did not gain any popularity until recently. There most likely are more "hidden gems" out there, and I'm out to find them! Sometimes I'll play a deck that's just obscure and will potentially flop immediately, sometimes I'll play a deck that combines well known strategies to form a new Uberdeck. Keep in mind though, all the games I play are at least in Rank 5 or above (With an exception for this week due to the ladder reset happening a day before writing of this article), no joking around in Casual Mode! 
This week I present you: MechHunter! 


The Decklist 

The most essential thing when building decks that revolve a certain archetype, is to keep in mind what synergy is available, and if there is synergy, how well does it work with already existing decklists that feature the same archetype, but a different class. In the case of Paladin for example, the Cobalt Guardian has great synergy with Mechs, but in practice doesn't work since Mechs are heavy on early-game board control, and you won't be able to get out the Cobalt Guardian in time.  

Luckily, with the Hunter you have the Metaltooth Leaper, which not only is a 3 Drop Mech itself, which is perfect for a Mech Manacurve, but buffs all your Mechs that you already have on the board when playing him, by +2 Attack. +2 Attack! That can be huge in the early game! So putting in two of those was a must. 

In general, I essentially got rid of most 1 and 2 Drops featured in MidRange Hunter decks, and replaced them with Mechs. Knife Jugglers turned into Mechwarpers, Haunted Creepers into Annoy-O-Trons and so on. Beasts turned into Mechs basically. Sadly I had to cut brutal Hunter cards, like Quickshot and Kill Command, cards that provide a lot of extra burst which is what makes Hunter so strong after all, but the competition for the 3 Mana Spot was just too big.

At the end we have a well-rounded MechDeck, with a heavy focus on the 2 and 3 Mana spots to assure early board control and hit lethal before your opponent can do anything about it. 


The Strategy 

The strategy of MechHunter essentially as the same as with MechMage: Gain early board control with MechWarper and efficient trading, and preferably kill your opponent before reaching turn 7. Now the good news is that the killing part, in theory, is a lot easier due to Metaltooth Leaper: Getting an overall +8 dmg on Turn 4-5 simply by having out a bunch of Mechs is amazing. Then again however, if you don't manage to get that early board control, you'll have a bad time. And since strong spells like Quickshot or Kill Command had to be removed, you don’t have any burst potential. It's an all-in playstyle, that'll hopefully pay off. 

During Mulligan, you're looking for Mechwarper as your number 1 priority, Glockwork Gnomes and Cogmasters are always nice as well of course. If you have the Coin you might want to think about keeping Animal Companion, if you are up against a Hunter you should probably keep that Annoy-O-Tron. 

An example of an opening hand you  dont  want to see.

An example of an opening hand you dont want to see.


The Results 

At the end of the day, MechHunter did alright, but not surprisingly good or bad. The fact that your opening hand usually dictates how the game is going to end can be frustrating at times, and even though Metaltooth Leaper is a great addition, it also is a win more card; if you don't have any Mechs it's pretty useless as a Vanilla 3/3, and if you do, you probably are about to win the game anyway. Nonetheless, in synergy with MechWarper there is a lot of potential to be found, but it's struggling against Control decks like MidRange/Control Paladin and Control Warrior due to the high amount of Taunts - a problem that would usually be solved with Kill Command or Quickshot 

Below, I listed a few game impressions, including a mirror match against another MechHunter - who clearly had a better opening hand.

These were the overall results of the deck after 25 games.   

These were the overall results of the deck after 25 games.


The Conclusion

Even though the overall Winrate of 56% in 25 games is respectable, I do feel like if I would've played MidRange Hunter I would've done even better. This is still is a good deck, so if you have a lot of Mechs but you're missing some MidRange Hunter cards, I do recommend to build this deck as a solution. Not a Meta-changer, but certainly a viable deck that you might want to try out in ladder in order to have some fun, without loosing out hard.

7/10 Mana Crystals