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4 Cards that you completely forgot about


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4 Cards that you completely forgot about

Darius Matuschak

by Darius

4) Cogmaster's Wrench 

Cogmaster's Wrench is one of those forgotten GvG cards, that really should've not been forgotten at all. Since Mech Rogue became a thing for quite a while, this weapon should've been the perfect card for an aggressive deck like it, similarly to how Powermace became a staple in Mech Shaman immediately. However, since Cogmaster's Wrench is so absurdly bad, many players quickly forgot that it existed at all. 

At least you got 400 Dust for it. 


3) Master of Ceremonies 


What is there to say about this card? Not much really, other than this being another example as to why many regarded TGT as the worst expansion so far: Horrible Stats, not really playable Battlecry, and an Epic to top it all off, meaning that the chances of packing one were low, and the probability of crafting one abysmal.  

It has a nice artwork though. It's something I guess. 


2) Magnataur Alpha 

When the team and I went through the card ratings for the Epic Crafting Guide, this card started quite the interesting conversation: 

"So what about Magnataur Alpha" 

"Wait, which card?" 

"You know, that one Warrior Epic minion." 

"There's an Epic Warrior minion?" 

Since no one ever saw the point of crafting it, and barely anyone packed it due to it being an Epic card, this card was quickly forgotten. I still don't own a single copy to this day. Also, until I wrote this article, I was convinced that Sea Reaver was Magnataur Alpha. So apparently there are TWO Epic Warrior minions. Mind = blown. 


1) Void Crusher 

This card. This freaking card. You know, at least with Magnataur Alpha you have some sort of running joke, or with Master of Ceremonies at least a good example as to why TGT was a sub-par expansion. But this one is different. I completely forgot this card existed, until I randomly decided to check how many "Void" cards there are. Even when flicking through my collection, it gets overlooked everytime. Maybe my subconscious wants me to forget this card exists. Maybe it's the fact that after 2000 games since TGT came out, I can't recall seeing this card played, ever.


Not even in Arena. Not even out of an Unstable Portal. If you'd ask me what a Void Crusher was, I'd claim that it's a fanmade or made-up card.  

After writing this, my memory of this card will probably fade once again. Poof. Gone. Into the Void.