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S26 Tier 1 Contenders: Control Warrior


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S26 Tier 1 Contenders: Control Warrior

Darius Matuschak

by Aidan

Axes, Bashes, Slams, and Blocks, Warrior has it all! Well, Control Warrior does, utilizing a variety of spells and Legendary minions to amass huge amounts of armor and keep the board clear of any threats. With widespread success of Chakki’s adapted Dreamhack list, Control Warrior isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Always fitting the role of an anti-meta deck, Control Warrior has seen its peaks and drops in the metagame, either around to quell Aggro, outrange Combo, or even both. 

With weapons, board clears, and hard removal, Control Warrior can almost always answer a threat (or three) and provide threats of their own, with impending game swings such as Justicar or Elise Starseeker, or immediate answers in the form of Baron Geddon’s AOE, or a single-target burst from Grommash Hellscream. 

In the current meta, Control Warrior shines against Miracle Rogue and Aggro Shaman, but has difficulty against N’zoth Paladin and Midrange Shaman due to their never-ending board presence. Control Warrior, due to the nature of the deck, will rarely see a spot, let alone hold a place in Tier 1. Although its reactive nature, Control Warrior has been around since the early days of Hearthstone, and is here to stay.

Seeing multiple variants, from Dragon to Fatigue, Control Warrior has never failed to been stylized with new expansions, with Whispers of the Old Gods seeing the inception of C’thun Warrior, piloted to Rank 1 Legend.

Welcome to the Grand Tourn- ResidentSleeper


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