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The 5 Most Breathtaking Artworks found in Hearthstone


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The 5 Most Breathtaking Artworks found in Hearthstone

Darius Matuschak

by Darius

Hearthstone is a fun and interactive card game, served with the occasional pinch of salt. But more often than not, we fail to take a step back and acknowledge the beauty of Hearthstone, its artworks in particular. Some of them are so amazing, that they clearly deserve more recognition on their own.

So I hereby present you the five most breathtaking artworks of Hearthstone!

Only one rule: No artist is featured twice! Meaning that even though some artists have put out several fantastic works for Hearthstone, we're only going to look at their best work.

5) Wilfred Fizzlebang

Artist: Tooth Wu, Website:

Overall, the composition of this piece is very appealing. The fore- and background are clearly defined, there is no unnecessary detail, all the focus is placed on the two defining characters telling their own little story by themselves.

The details on the characters is nice, the overall artistic style fits the hybris of the little gnome perfectly, and Jaraxxus looming under the full moon is presented beautifully. The look in the eyes of Wilfred is particularly noteworthy: Seemingly satisfied he's simply not aware of what lurks behind him.

4) Shield Block 

 Artist: Michal Kormack, Website:

Shield Block's artwork is quite the opposite of Wilfred Fizzlebang: An Action-shot focused on conveying the motion rather than the mimics. Despite the Dwarf showing lots of emotion, they're merely a tool to underline the severity of the situation - him being under heavy fire. The specific focus on the flying arrows frozen mid-air make this an absolutely stunning piece. 

The snowy mountain setting fits this perfectly: It's truly frozen in time.

3) Demonwrath

Artist: Raymond Swanland, Website:

This one was quite a hard one to chose. Raymond Swanland has also created the fantastic artworks found on Al'Akir, Alexstrasza, Lay on Hands and Bane of Doom, but Demonwrath, to me at least, is his most elaborate work.

First off we have the focus on the clashing ground being smashed to pieces by the mighty demon. Fantastic detail and frozen motion make this an astonishing action-shot. The focus on the point of impact is nicely done, and the colouring of the everlasting flames fueling the demon are staggering. The reason as to why I chose this over Shield Block are the mesmerizing, vibrant colours.

2) Garrosh Hellscream

Artist: Wei Wangm, Website:

This artwork, albeit originally used for WoW, is the definition of breathtaking. It's so amazing that as a non-painter I simply can't comprehend how much effort this must've taken to produce. The level of detail is genuinely absurd: Every little splatter of blood, every inch that is covered by light, the smallest vibrant of shading, everything seems to be done to perfection. I've seen many renditions of the horrid former leader of the Horde, but it is only this one that I deem worthy to represent the Warlord Garrosh. When looking at this painting I can smell the dried blood hanging in the air. The smell of death. Breathtaking.


1) League of Explorers Announcement Art

Artist: Laurel Austin, Website:

Now, this piece by Laurel Austin is simply stunning. On one hand it perfectly resembles all the things Hearthstone stands for: The mummies are not scary but due to their comical expressions look rather silly, the mimics and gestures from all the characters in fact create a light-hearted mood. A sense of adventure. A sense of fun.

The Lighting too is phenomenal. However, what I like most about this piece in particular is the detail: If you look closely you can find three cards spread across the piece. Two Murlocs, a Tidecaller and Old-Murk-Eye to be exact, are falling out of Sir Finley's pockets, whereas the mummy hides a copy of Lord Jaraxxus within its bandages. They're minor details, but they round up the overall piece stunningly. If you look closely, you can find a Zombie Chow and an Unstable Ghoul hanging in the spiderwebs as well.

Reno's golden tooth, his pirate card back, some Arcane Dust - there is a lot to Discover when observing this painting.


Personal Pick: Windspeaker

Artist: Vance Kovac, Website:

Windspeaker was essentially the first card artwork that really caught my eye. It was the first Hearthstone artwork I've seen that didn't remind me of a cheesy 80's Dungeons and Dragons artwork and didn't feature a weird Western Cartoon style either. Due to the artwork being painted with oil, its whole feel seems a lot more "grown-up". The Draenai is perfectly presented in focus, the surrounding landscapes have a wonderous feel to them.

Sadly, the card doesnt quite live up to its artwork.