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With great insight Team Metaminds delivers you unique, knowledgeable and amazing guides, decklists, discussion posts and more that you'll certainly determine to be helpful for your Hearthstone experience.


Aidan's Free-To-Play Budget Decklists

Darius Matuschak

by Aidan

The concept of free-to-play becomes more and more daunting with every passing release and adventure, leading more and more players to test their skills in the Arena or give in to microtransactions. With this in mind, I've brewed 20 budget decklists, all costing less dust than a Legendary, ready for action!


Hearthstone's equivalent to Magic's Green, the Druid is much in-tune with nature, calling upon it to provide buffs or manipulate his own mana. Druids can "ramp" to a higher mana total than normal, and drop his big minions before you can. Ramp's the name of Druid's game. Here I have a Token Druid and the classic Ramp Druid (

For the Wild!



Hearthstone's aggressive powerhouse, the Hunter is the aggressive staple in the meta, employing strong beasts, burn spells and a "clock" with his Hero Power, Steady Shot, to hunt down their opponent's life total. Hunters have adapted through nerfs and meta changes, only proving the strength of the class. I've provided a Face Hunter, it's F2P version and a Midrange Hunter (

Hunt them down!



Hearthstone's most versatile class, a Mage can find success employing any strategy. From biding your time with Freezes and hiding behind secrets; to playing an army of Mechs and burning your opponent to ashes, you can find Mages in every Tavern. I've built a slower Value Mage and a faster, more aggressive Mech Mage (

Show them your skills!



Hearthstone's most flexible class, a Paladin can employ heals, tokens buffs and even secrets to take down their opponents. Shush their big minions with an Aldor Peacekeeper, or turn your meager 1/1 Silver Hand Recruits into hulking 5/5s with a Blessing of Kings. Here you can find an Aggrodin and a Midrange Paladin (

To Battle!



Hearthstone's most straight-forward class, the Priest employs their clerical techniques to keep their minions, and their life total, nice and healthy. But, the Priest has a dark side. Whether it's using your Shadowform, or stealing your opponent's minions and cards, a Priest is not to be underestimated. Being straight-forward makes Priest limited in tools, so I've provided only one list (

Burn them with Light!



Hearthstone's deadliest Hero, the Rogue is well-known for their tempo swings, cheap spells and massive burst potential. Your opponents will have a tough time keeping their board up, or their life total for that matter, against you. Here I have a modern combo list, Oil Rogue and a more minion-based Tempo Rogue (

They'll never see you coming!



Hearthstone's most underrated class, a Shaman has plenty of utility under their sleeve, with Totems, cheap removal and minion auras. A Shaman can turn a measly board of totems into a conga line of trading with a Flametongue Totem, or a game finisher with Bloodlust. I built three lists, a Mech Shaman, a Naxx Midrange Shaman and a Totem Shaman (

Elements (or should I say Elephants?) guide you!



Hearthstone's most resourceful class, Warlocks can turn use their Life as a means to draw cards with their Hero Power, Life Tap. This lets very minion-heavy lists like Zoo succeed in Warlock as you have your Hero Power to draw your cards for you. Also, demons. With standard Control Locks being Handlock, a fairly expensive list, I brewed a budget-friendly Control Warlock and two Zoolocks. One being F2P and another only requiring the 1st wing of Naxx (

Harness their souls!



Hearthstone's most fearsome, a Warrior can take his health above and beyond 30, reaching heights of 10, 20, even 40 armor! The Warrior has an aggressive side as well, with huge burst through weapons and aggressive spells. Your opponents will quake in their boots at your aggressive and defensive might. With a typical Control Warrior running Legendaries galore, and Naxx's Death's Bite, I brewed a dust-friendly Board Warrior. I also have a Face Warrior here as well (

For the Horde!