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5 Cards that you probably didn't know exist


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5 Cards that you probably didn't know exist

Darius Matuschak

by Darius

There are a lot of cards in Hearthstone that never saw competitive play, and probably never will. And that's fine, every card game has those. But Hearthstone, in comparison to its physical counterparts, has cards within its game file that you can't access via your collection. Some of these cards are so hard to encounter, that you probably haven't seen them at all. Interestingly enough though, four out of five cards from this list can be encountered in Ranked play! 


1) Shadow of Nothing

Shadow of Nothing is probably the worst card in Hearthstone. You can only get it by playing Mindgames, aan already bad and barely played 4 Mana Spell. Mindgames should pull a random minion out of your opponent's deck, but if he doesn't have any minions left in his deck, you get this. So instead of getting something somewhat decent that would kind of make up for the lost value of 4 Mana, you get a 0/1. It doesn’t have Taunt, it doesn’t have Stealth. It's worse than a Wisp.  


At least it has its own golden animation and it does have its own summon and attack sound as well! If you manage to buff it of course. 


2) Tail Swipe

Some of you might've seen this card in the Ragnaros vs Nefarian Tavern Brawl or while playing the Blackrock Mountain Adventure. But interestingly enough, you can actually get this card while playing in Ranked! By playing Nefarian against the Ragnaros hero, you will receive two copies of the 4 Mana Spell, which is decent value for its cost!  At least in comparison to some of the other cards in the list.


3) Finkle Einhorn 

Finkle Einhorn is a card that you'll only see when you get to kill The Beast, one of the rather uncommon and, for obvious reasons, unpopular Legendaries. You'll probably won't see it in Ranked except for the occasional Unstable Portal or when pulled out of a Webspinner. In case you do got to face, and hopefully kill The Beast, you get a 2 Mana 3/3 played on your board. Not amazing, but at least some reconciliation for wasting a Shadow Word: Death on an Unstable Portal pull. 


Finkle Einhorn also has a golden animation and unique sounds.  


4) Worthless Imp

Worthless Imp is a minion similar to Shadow of Nothing: It can only be seen after a spell whiffing. In this case it's Sense Demons: If you have no Demons in your deck when playing this Spell, you'll receive not only one but TWO Worthless Imps in your hand! Looking at how they're at least 1 Mana 1/1s and do receive a potential buff from Mal'Ganis, they do pack more value than Shadow of Nothing... which isn't that hard to achieve.

Worthless Imps have the same sounds as normal Imps and do have a Golden Animation. 

Funfact: World of Warcraft Lore wise, the Imps depicted are actually Bulky Imps, and should be a lot more powerful than normal Imps.


5) Mr Bigglesworth

This is the only card in this list you can't encounter during Ranked play, which probably makes it the most unknown one as well. I certainly didn’t know this card existed before strolling through Hearthstone Wikipedia entries hours on end. Not only is it tricky to summon, you need to play Animal Companion against the Naxxramas' Final Boss Kel' Thuzad and instead of Huffer you receive Mr Bigglesworth, but it's very interesting to note that Kel'Thuzad will not kill it – it's his own kitty after all. Even if you give it Taunt, it's going to be neglected by Kel'Thuzad. 

Now this is very much intended of course, but there is a way to break this. Essentially Mr Bigglesworth is programmed to have permanent Stealth even when attacking, so the Computer AI will ignore it. So by silencing Mr Bigglesworth and giving him Taunt, you can make Kel'Thuzad kill his own kitty. 

A truly gruesome death. 

Also, while it does have it's own attacking sound, it sadly doesn't have a Golden Animation.


Honorable Mention: V-07-TR0N


Now even though some of you might have seen this card in the occasional Funny and Lucky Hearthstone Moments, I've never encountered this card myself! Since I was never lucky enough to pull a Mimiron's Head from a pack, or from an Unstable Portal, the Mega-Windfury machine remains an artifact untouched for me to this day. 




Special Thanks to NeonPix for helping me with the Screenshots!

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