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The Mad Scientist #1: AggroMage


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The Mad Scientist #1: AggroMage

Darius Matuschak

Think about how many cards and deck types there are, that only recently have been discovered to be great or even broken. Aggrodin for example is a deck that has been in the minds of many people since several seasons, but did not gain any popularity until recently. There most likely are more "hidden gems" out there, and I'm out to find them! Sometimes I'll play a deck that's just obscure and will potentially flop immediately, sometimes I'll play a deck that combines well known strategies to form a new Uberdeck. Keep in mind though, all the games I play are at least in Rank 5 or above, no joking around in Casual Mode!

This week I present you: AggroMage!


The Decklist

After a lot of tweaking, I came up with this final AggroMage decklist. As you can see, the deck only consists of 1, 2 and 3 Mana Drops, the only exceptions to this rule being two Fireballs  and a Leeroy jenkins. I took a lot of inspiration from Aggrodin, FaceHunter and old Zoolock lists, those being the most consistent and best Zoo lists out there. You'll find a decent amount of cards from Tempo Mage in there as well, however huge Tempo Mage cards like Antonidas, Toshley or Counterspell are missing too. We don't need those. We just need damage.


Possible Changes:

  • -1 Leeroy Jenkins/+1 Arcane Golem

  • -1 King Mukla/+1 Wolfrider



The Strategy

The purpose of AggroMage is to burn out your opponents even quicker than Tempo and MechMage, with a combination of cards that synergize with spells, and early game aggression with cards like Leper Gnome and Mana Wyrm. Although those two categories dont work together as well as for example Arcane Golem does with Paladin buffs, there were some notable moments where synergy was apparent: For example when playing Knife Juggler & Mirror Image or when buffing a Mirror Image to a 2/2 with Abusive Sergeant. 

Essentially you want to flood the board for the first three turns, preferably with a Mana Wyrm or a Knife Juggler in play. Trade favourably, or use your frostbolts to get rid of enemy minions. Then, around Turn 4 or 5 you should go full SMOrc and aim for lethal, especially if you have those Frostbolts or Fireballs in hand! In general, you play AggroMage like every other Aggro deck, but try to aim for your spell synergy, that you know from playing Tempo Mage, here and there.


The Results

Of ten games played with AggroMage, I won six, a respectable number to say the least. Surprisingly it did really well especially against Aggro decks like FaceHunter, Zoolock and Aggrodin, out-"pacing" them with a lethal turn 4 thanks to Fireball. Tempo Mage also never stood a chance, with enemies simply not having the time to set up their Flamewaker Combo. In case the Zoo didn't fully deliver, the Mana Wyrm always did; unless it was put back into my hand thanks to a Freezing Trap, it was a true MVP in every game I was able to utilize its potential.

Even matches that were lost, like against a MidRange Paladin and a Priest, I was able to get the enemy on two health both times, only a topdecked Holy Nova or Consecration saving them for their destined doom. 



The Conclusion

In conclusion, AggroMage has great potential and delivers it to a certain extent already. It outpaces aggressive Matchups, and still can win close games against more controlled decks, as long as you're able to get that lethal finish until turn 7. All in all, I'm pleasantly surprised how strong this deck is, and with a bit of tweaking it could become a great deck to play in Ranked.

Rating: 8/10 Mana Crystals